Service Category: Art Therapy

STEPS towards healing

Children attend weekly 45-to-60-minute Art Therapy sessions in a supportive and safe space where they can express their emotions. Families are provided with weekly email updates on the child’s progress. STEPS can also work with the child’s school in order to bridge any communication gaps and provide a holistic healing solution at the parents’ request. To learn more about how Art Therapy can support your child, contact 1724 6256 for a consultation.

Art Therapy is not an art class!

At STEPS Art Therapy is used to help children explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, and work on their social skills. It is not an art class and children do not have to have any previous experience with art.

Creative healing

“When words fail, art speaks”

At STEPS we use the creative process to promote healing and mental well-being. Art therapy uses art to help children communicate and express their feelings. As a form of psychotherapy, Art Therapy is very effective in helping children overcome emotional, social and behavioral challenges including those stemming from problems at school, anxiety, depression, divorce, eating disorders, grief and trauma just to name a few.